Hooked on Ice

I think I’m hooked on ice. Don’t worry, it’s not the drug, and it’s not frozen water. It’s the brilliant Turtle Wax car care product Ice.

It is so easy to polish the car with Turtle Wax Ice liquid wax. Pour a little onto the supplied foam block and wipe on the paintwork, the chrome, the plastic trim, and even the windows! Wait until it dries and polish if off using the supplied microfibre cloth. The car will feel so smooth.

To care for the car further wash it Turtle Wax Ice Wash & Wax. It’s like magic. Pouring a small amount into a bucket of water turn the water into a soft feeling liquid. It puts the joy back into washing the car, plus I’m sure the car loves the extra treatment.

It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for – a much better product that the bottom shelf $5.00 bottle of car wash. I’m definitely hooked!

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