The Sparkie

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A strange moment…

We recently called our electrician to fix a short circuit. Well he sent one of his sparkies over to fix the fault, and when he had finished and was about to leave he asked me “how do you spell McIntosh?

I thought this was a bit random, but helped him out with a quick spelling lesson anyway. “M-c-I-n-t-o-s-h” was my first attempt and then he wrote it down. I thought about it and said “then maybe it could be with Mac instead of Mc.” This drew a very curious look from the sparkie so I added “I suppose it could be either way, maybe one way for a surname, and maybe the other for an Apple Mac computer“.

This drew an even more curious look, and I could see a hint of frustration. His next question almost threw me though… “What’s your surname?

“It’s Atkins”

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