Road Rules

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One thing that really gets up my nose is people driving on Queensland roads who do not know or do not follow the rules of the road. In my rough guestimation I reckon maybe 50% or more people do not know the roundabout rules. How many people have you witnessed indicate to turn right when entering a roundabout, but then continue straight ahead? And how many times have you been cut off by some looney turning right from the left (outer) lane?

The indicator rules are really quite simple…

  • To turn left use the left indicator for both approach and departure of the roundabout.
  • To go straight ahead there is no need to indicate to enter the roundabout, but you should use your left indicator to exit the roundabout if possible.
  • To turn right use the right indicator to enter the roundabout leaving it on while turning, then switch to your left indicator to exit the roundabout.

On most two lane roundabouts, unless otherwise marked, the left lane is for people left turning left or going on ahead. The right lane is for people going on ahead, or turning right. It’s much like a normal intersection really. I don’t know why so many get it wrong.

There is a guide to this and much more on the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport & Main Roads website. No doubt other states and territories will have similar online resources.

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