The Sparkie

A strange moment… We recently called our electrician to fix a short circuit. Well he sent one of his sparkies over to fix the fault, and when he had finished and was about to leave he asked me “how do you spell McIntosh?“ I thought this was a bit random, but helped him out withContinue reading “The Sparkie”

Hooked on Ice

I think I’m hooked on ice. Don’t worry, it’s not the drug, and it’s not frozen water. It’s the brilliant Turtle Wax car care product Ice. It is so easy to polish the car with Turtle Wax Ice liquid wax. Pour a little onto the supplied foam block and wipe on the paintwork, the chrome,Continue reading “Hooked on Ice”

Road Rules

One thing that really gets up my nose is people driving on Queensland roads who do not know or do not follow the rules of the road. In my rough guestimation I reckon maybe 50% or more people do not know the roundabout rules. How many people have you witnessed indicate to turn right whenContinue reading “Road Rules”

Made in Australia!

I know it’s not always possible, but every chance you get you should buy the Australian made or grown alternative. Buying Australian made or Australian grown products ensure that the money you spend is much more likely to stay in Australia. The flow on is more jobs for Australians and greater wealth for our nation.Continue reading “Made in Australia!”

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